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 Win convo

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PostSubject: Win convo   Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:13 pm

Bubba: Take that pink turtle off your head...he gives you poor advice on how to take over the world while riding on the cats. You obviously need to listen to the flying donkey who knows of the speaking stop sign which knows all. Canada shall fall to you this time, I swear it.
Altair6: we really got lay off the weed
Bubba: Did the tool belt tell you to say that?
Altair: no it was the little wonder llama from you ipod
Bubba: Of course! But where did we find all of these pieces ofpurple popcorn? I haven't the foggiest...
Altair: in the hamster they laid now like a valcano the fly to the green monkey has a cheeseburger
Bubba: the dance of the turkeys has truly shown fishsticks.
Altair: domo arigoto mr. roboto
Bubba: we have come to a running stand still for which there is no turning back for this which i no know bounds for I now understand that the master of the planets Fruntuont and Reshfrault will take this to the next level of swan diving. For we shall never rest until the sun explodes into oblivion whence we shall ride forth into pure darkness forever
Altair: for the Jengi shall roll their faces and the world shall roll with them then heads will mustard and the moon will yawn the abc's to pluto till the bannanas die and the MUNDO
Bubba: For how shall we ever find the slice of the sky that has fallen upon the righteous and landed them unto the fires of the sun. For the ego wishes for only more and the death of the pure has led us to mourn not for those that have suffered and instead for those that should suffer.
Altair: lego my eggo
Bubba: Your eggo best be holdin down your tricks in the streets. Cause i've lost all knowledge of the whereabouts. LANTERNS UNITE!
Altair: you stormed of to scar the armada like jesus played maryter ill drill through your MUNDO
Bubba: You can't drill through MUNDO...It's MUNDO! but whatever shall we do as a flock of frogs has chased away our water buffalo.
Altair: ah but as you seem to forget my clever friend the chicken is dark meat therefore you have no popcorn in which to smite the almight Pop-Tart
Bubba: but the Brave Little Toaster shall win in the battle of the sexes. But if you have not learned the truth yet, you shall eat trees while bricks nap on the sand
Altair: unless the checkerboard pattern is diagonal if that is the case then the catnip shall be sour and the water shall bleed in to the sands of time
Bubba: Joining those that fail to realize the truth shall never understand how powerful the lies are. The hands of those that would prevail shall be tied down to never be released again. As their crime was that of loitering and that can't be forgiven because of the nature of MUNDO
Altair: ah but you must ask yourself who shall win in the end, Mundo or the Purple Caster Minion
Bubba: Mundo goes where Mundo pleases...unless the Purple caster minion hits for over 9000!
Bubba: Well you realize now that this means little for us as the Jew and the Catholic are nowhere to be seen currently. so I do agree, but we shall have to find a way to fix the problem where bread has no bounds and the group of neverending hymns rages on through the teeth of geese and the ninja meese while we sit and protect the remaining cracker
Altair: and that ladies and gentlemen is where babies come from.
Bubba: This conversation should be saved. We are not high, but thus is the price of boredom.
Altair: you cheep sell out
Bubba: Yes. Jesus was a ninja.
Altair: REALY?!?!?!?!?
Bubba: NO NOT REALLY!!!!
Altair: the pollock and i would like to announce that if we offended anyone ...DALES A JEW
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PostSubject: Re: Win convo   Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:35 am

you must be buyen some good shit
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PostSubject: Re: Win convo   Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:45 am

Bubba? ...How high were we? ....cuz it seems like a lot.
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PostSubject: Re: Win convo   Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:43 pm

Holy shit. I don't know but I'm lost all over again.
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PostSubject: Re: Win convo   

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Win convo
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